My first author interview

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The very kind Melodie Wright just posted an interview with me over at her blog, Forever Rewrighting, soon after I made my first blog post ever. Plenty of people would find this none-too-new, but for me, someone whose writer-side has long held back like that lurking, anti-social person at a party, this is all very exciting! Right? At least it’s refreshing, maybe in that bracing, Alaskan wind sort of way.

In talking to my husband about going live with my website, I said something along the lines of: “It’s like coming out of the closet!” Friends and family will discover something about me that I’ve tried to keep relatively quiet for fear of social reprisal (“You write what?”), but my writer-side is an integral part of myself that’s not going anywhere. So, this could be fun. If anything, it will be different.

Without further ado, my first ever author interview!

-Adri out

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