Holiday Special: the Warm Fuzzies

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In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought I’d post about something warmer and fuzzier, since giant spiders are not very warm… even if they are fuzzy. Anyway! What does everyone love? CATS! (Shush, you all love cats!)

(As an aside, I read that if you blog too acidly about politics, religion, or hating cats, you’ll turn people off. Yes, cats-hating actually makes it onto the higher echelons of blogging no-nos. So we don’t hate cats here, do we?)

After my husband and I arrived in Morocco, we were astounded by the sheer number of these furry creatures. In fact, if they rallied, they easily could have overthrown the Moroccan government and set up a feline regime. But alas, they contented themselves with lots of meowing, licking, reproducing, and generally looking cute and/or pathetic. On the five-minute walk back from the beach to our home in the medina of Essaouira, my husband and I once counted 46 cats.

I took it upon myself to take as many cat pictures as possible. Not because I have a thing for cats—I mean, I like them! I swear I don’t hate them!—but because there were just so many of them in so many shapes and sizes and arrangements, it was like the cat superstore, with a veritable mother lode of felines on rotating display. I couldn’t not take pictures of them. (Yes, I intentionally used a double-negative there.) I may also have been in competition with my husband, who was busily taking seagull pictures, for the best animal shot.

Long story short—enjoy while you can! They’re fuzzy and warm, for a limited time only! Just take your pick:

Trio of creepy cats upon the stairs,

Cats a-snooze in tourist-trap wares:


Kittens that double as babouche shoes,

Cats that pose with bronze Roman nudes:


Sphinx-like cats lording over their domains,

Cats about to become greasy stains:


Cat in front of an old painted door,

Cats in a heap all over the floor:


Bowl for sale, comes with a cat,

Cat about to fall in a tanning vat:


Cat trying to hide behind a bike,

Cats in a phalanx, ready to strike!

Beware the cats! I mean… Happy Warm, Fuzzy Holidays, everyone!

-Adri out

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