On Taking Breaks

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Yeah, this is a level of delinquency in posting that’s astounding even for me. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. My journal entries often come with multi-year gaps, but I’d sworn I’d be better about blogging…

Some fish for you!

I do have some excuse: commercial fishing for red salmon for almost the entire summer being one, and then moving to… *drumroll*… Michigan! All around, it’s a nicer place that I was expecting from my lofty perch in Alaska, though it is rather flat and excessively hot. Still, sunshine that’s not blocked by mountains or the impenetrable darkness of winter is something new and lovely when it’s not burning me or making my sweat boil.

As you can imagine I’ve not only been away from blogging but also writing for the summer. It’s been refreshing to take such a long break from my work and then come back to it with what feels like a new pair of eyes. I’ve been able to dive into revisions and even new projects with more clarity and energy. This summer has really driven home the old piece of advice: get some distance. That’s probably not good advice for intimate relationships or, say, brain surgeons, but If you’re a writer, it’s always good to remember. (Which reminds me, along with “True story time” and book reviews, I’d like to alternate postings on “Things I wish I’d been told,” writer-ly mistakes I’ve made… and there have been a lot… that you can now avoid!)

But then, too much distance can be a bad thing. You don’t want your skills to get rusty, for example, or your fledgling few blog readers to forget that you have a blog or even exist…. *cough cough*

Anyway, I’m back, not dead at the bottom of the sea or in some dark, spider infested hole somewhere. I’m still writing and reading books and traveling and hating green peppers.

More soon…

-Adri out

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  1. Maureen

    Loved the pictures of your cross-country travels. Autumn has arrived here- leaves have turned red and yellow and the frost is on the pumpkins (literally). Enjoy your summer sunshine ~ 🙂

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