Holy Crap, I Have A Book Deal!

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It’s official! Check it out, folks:

February 26, 2013
Young Adult 
AdriAnne Strickland’s WORDLESS and LIFELESS, of The Words Made Flesh series, set in a world where the masses are illiterate while a few elite, gifted with the breaths of Gods, have the power to turn their words into reality — raise a flood or spark a fire, even give or take life — and a 17-year-old orphan with a mysterious lineage must do everything he can to stop a ruthless group that knows how to control the Words’ abilities to carry out their plan for world domination, to Brian Farrey-Latz at Flux, for publication in Spring/Summer 2014, by Sandy Lu at the L. Perkins Agency (World).

Now I don’t know if the one-sentence, blue-in-the-face format of a Publishers Marketplace deal announcement thrills you as much as it does me (probably not), but I’m pretty ridiculously excited to see my story crammed into one.

More news, elaborations, ridiculous excitement to come!

-Adri out

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