WORDLESS LAUNCH DAY + Guess-the-Character Giveaway, Character #5!

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The day has arrived, ladies and gentlemen: the launch of my debut YA sci-fi/fantasy, WORDLESS, out from Flux Books today! Thanks for celebrating with me, everyone!

Me, posing with my baby.
Me, posing with my baby.

(You can order the book from any one of these sites: Amazon Barnes & Noble ~ Indiebound Books-A-Million)

In preparation and celebration, I had character portraits done of five of the main characters in WORDLESS by the inimitable Corinne Duyvis, fellow debut YA fantasy author and amazing fine artist. To make the big reveal more interactive, I’ve come up with a little giveaway… and a guessing game!

The game: Every day this week, I’m revealing one of the five character portraits–but without the character’s name! But I’m providing clues for you: for example, four of the characters are Words with a special sort of power (often elemental… but not always), and one isn’t. I’ve also given you another clue already: these are the five most major characters in the book. Also, the portraits themselves contain clues–perhaps note the shirt colors? So, either by your powers of deduction, or reading the book, you can enter by answering various questions about their identities. Or you can enter by spreading word of the giveaway!

The prizes (which are also clues): Each character portrait comes with an equal-value prize that matches that character, plus a poster of all five character portraits and other WORDLESS swag, including a black silicone bracelet like those in the book, a signed bookplate, and signed bookmarks. By studying the character-themed  prizes, you might have a better idea of who is who…

Wordless Guess-the-Character Prizes


Last but not least… Character Portrait #5!

Ta da!

Character 5

Isn’t she lovely?! Once again, all credit goes to Corinne!

Now let the guessing begin! Enter in the Rafflecopter below. This is the last portrait, so study them all and/or read the book, and then make your guesses! All five giveaways end one week from today. Winners will be contacted on Saturday, August 16th!



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