Meet the Characters of WORDLESS!

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The Guess-the-Character Giveaway is a wrap! I’ve selected and notified the five winners, so now it’s time for the big reveal! Which awesome character portrait (done by the highly talented Corinne Duyvis) belongs to whom?


Character 1

Character #1:

He is: Herio

The Word of: Death

Donor parent from: France (Basque region)

Ability: To kill with a touch in any way imaginable

Temperament: Deadly calm (har har) and cold

Prize: Death by chocolate! (Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate sampler)


Character 2

Character #2:

She is: Pavati

The Word of: Water

Ability: To manipulate and control water

Donor parent from: U.S.A. (Hopi Tribe)

Temperament: Gregarious and ready-to-laugh, but with a darker side

Prize: Shiny blue Sigg water bottle



Character 3

Character #3:

He is: Tavin Barnes

He is: Wordless

His occupation: Trash collector

Adoptive father: Drey Barnes, garbage man of Eden City

Temperament: Witty and self-deprecating

Prize: Blank leather journal



Character 4

Character #4:

He is: Tu

The Word of: Earth

Ability: To harness the power of earth

Donor parent from: China

Temperament: Cocky, proud and a little abrasive

Prize: Break-Your-Own-Geodes kit



Character 5

Character #5:

She is: Khaya

The Word of: Life

Ability: To heal, make things grow and give life

Donor parent from: Israel

Temperament: Reserved and level-headed, sometimes mistrustful

Prize: Mini-terrarium


All prizes also come with a signed poster of all the characters and a WORDLESS swag-pack, including a signed bookplate, two signed bookmarks and a black silicone “monitor” bracelet like those in the book!

Congratulations to the winners, and I hope you like the portraits as much as I do! (Check out more of Corinne’s work here.)

-Adri out


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