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I hadn’t posted this yet in entirety yet, so here it is! I’m so glad Booklist liked WORDLESS!

In the beginning, there were the two nameless gods, and, just by speaking, they created the world and the Words Made Flesh, physical embodiments of the 12 words they spoke during creation. Now, the Words live in Eden City, protected by the Athenaeum, a great glass pyramid, and they’re influential figures to the rest of the world. Outside the Athenaeum, the city is dark, dank, and dirty, and Tavin, like the rest of the illiterate masses, can only dream about the high-class life of the Words. That is, until Tavin is assigned to duty at the Athenaeum and he meets Khaya, the beautiful Word of Life, who begs for his help getting away from her captors. Soon, Tavin learns about the gritty underbelly to life as a Word, and as he helps Khaya escape, he discovers deep truths about his relationship with her, his relationship to words and language, and his very identity. With impressive mythology and fast-paced adventure, Strickland’s debut will likely please fans of dystopian fiction.
— Stacey Comfort

Woot! Check out the review here, if you have a membership. And don’t forget to check out WORDLESS if you haven’t yet!

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