Booklist Review of LIFELESS

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Hey all! Here’s the Booklist review of LIFELESS–spoiler alert, they liked it!

Booklist Online Exclusive: October 6, 2015
Strickland, AdriAnne (Author)
Aug 2015. 336 p. Flux, paperback, $9.99. (9780738742229).

Life, Death, Earth, Light, Darkness are Words as well as people in Strickland’s companion to series opener Wordless (2014). In this follow-up, readers find Tavin, previously illiterate, has become the Word, or physical manifestation, of Death. He is driven to kill with his new power, and he wants more than anything to be free of the authoritarian Athanaeum. The City Council in charge, however, want to train him to be a soulless, high-profile assassin. Without Khaya, the Word of Life, to keep him hopeful, he may break. Whether or not he succeeds will depend not only on him but also on the friends and enemies he has made within the glass pyramid. Strickland’s mythology continues to be compelling, and fans of the first entry will be eager to see how it unfolds.
— Stacey Comfort

You can check out the review here on the Booklist site if you have a membership!



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