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Hey all, the time is nigh! With SHADOW RUN’s release date, March 21st, just around the corner, my coauthor, Michael Miller and I, thought we would launch our Preorder Blast-Off in celebration!

What “Preorder Blast-Off” means: if you preorder SHADOW RUN on or before March 20th, 2017, from your choice of vendors, whether your local indie or Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. (see links below), and email proof of the receipt and a mailing address to, we will send YOU:

-Two (yes, TWO) signed bookplates with Nev’s and Qole’s portraits, the two main characters of SHADOW RUN (with Nev’s signed by Michael and Qole’s signed by me, AdriAnne, since those are the points-of-view we each wrote):

Nev and Qole


-A cool-as-deep-space button with everyone’s favorite exclamation from SHADOW RUN (spoiler: “Great Collapse!”):

GC Button

-Your very own piece of Shadow, that rare, dangerous energy source—or at least cool blue goldstone bead on a leather choker necklace that REALLY, REALLY looks like Shadow:

blue goldstone bead necklace

Blast off with us into the world of SHADOW RUN with your preordered copy of the book and this cool swag to go along with it! Here are some places to preorder (though we’ll definitely accept receipts from places not included):


Fireside (our own beloved indie!)



Barnes and Noble


Penguin Random House




Remember, send proof of purchase (receipt, etc.) to The giveaway ends on 3/20. And now…

Three… two… one… BLAST OFF!

-Adri out!

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