About the Writer


AdriAnne Strickland was a bibliophile who wanted to be an author before she knew what that either of those words meant. (“What are you when you write books and sell them?” was the one of the first of many dangerous, life-altering questions posed to her wonderful mother, who miraculously still loves her.) By the time she abandoned a biology/pre-med track to major in English Literature and Creative Writing at Reed College in Portland, OR, she knew for sure she was headed into a new world of writerdom. Otherwise, what else could she have done with that degree?

But, first, she lived abroad for two years after graduation, traveling across Africa, Asia, and Europe with her awesome husband, Lukas, who just so happens to make the best risotto ever. She then settled with him in Alaska, where the long winters have given her plenty of time to explore the frontiers of the many worlds that exist in her head, and the glorious summers let her commercial fish every year on their boat, the Catch-22, in Bristol Bay.

While WORDLESS is supposedly her “first” novel, her very first novel had a cardboard cover and consisted of pages of unintelligible pencil scribbles that somehow recounted the story of an intrepid adventurer (too much like Indiana Jones for originality’s sake) fighting crocodiles in the Amazon. And then her second novel involved a talking cheetah in Zambia, and… so on.

AdriAnne enjoys artichokes, cooking, Argentine tango, making/consuming beer and kimchi, learning languages, other people singing (well), commercial fishing, figure drawing, hiking, and a morbid sense of humor, in no particular order.