Booklist on SHADOW RUN!

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Guess what? Booklist liked SHADOW RUN! Shadow Run Strickland, AdriAnne (author) and Michael Miller (author). Mar. 2017. 400p. Delacorte, hardcover, $17.99 (9780399552533); Delacorte, library edition, $20.99 (9780399552557); Delacorte, e-book, $17.99 (9780399552540). Grades 9-12. REVIEW. First published February 17, 2017 (Booklist Online). “Qole knows Nev has dubious reasons for joining her ragtag spaceship crew, but when it comes to fishing for Shadow—a valuable and incredibly dangerous substance—she’s a captain who doesn’t ask too many questions. At least, not for long: eventually, she discovers Nev is crown prince of a powerful family, and he’s intent on bringing Qole back home to study her almost inhuman ability to handle, even manipulate, Shadow. Though Qole is initially suspicious, Nev’s insistence on dignity, respect, and the “greater …

Preorder Blast-Off!

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  Hey all, the time is nigh! With SHADOW RUN’s release date, March 21st, just around the corner, my coauthor, Michael Miller and I, thought we would launch our Preorder Blast-Off in celebration! What “Preorder Blast-Off” means: if you preorder SHADOW RUN on or before March 20th, 2017, from your choice of vendors, whether your local indie or Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. (see links below), and email proof of the receipt and a mailing address to, we will send YOU: -Two (yes, TWO) signed bookplates with Nev’s and Qole’s portraits, the two main characters of SHADOW RUN (with Nev’s signed by Michael and Qole’s signed by me, AdriAnne, since those are the points-of-view we each wrote):   -A …

School Library Journal on SHADOW RUN

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Hey hey, we have good news! School Library Journal, which a lot of librarians use to find books, really liked SHADOW RUN! Here’s the review (with a link to it at Barnes and Noble here). *** School Library Journal 01/01/2017 Gr 8 Up—Shadow, a volatile and dangerous galactic energy sourced from the stars, can be harvested only through risky piloting known as “fishing,” and it seems to permanently affect humans exposed to it. After coming into contact with it, some humans are driven mad, some become gifted, some experience both reactions, but all can expect an early death. Powerful and greedy families are willing to go to any lengths to acquire the key to shadow affinity, as it greatly enhances …

Kirkus Reviews on SHADOW RUN

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Howdy, all! I have exciting news on this end: Kirkus Reviews liked SHADOW RUN! Check out their review: A hotshot spaceship captain and a corporate space-prince find common enemies and aligning goals. So far in the future that even after the Great Collapse of technology humanity still travels the stars, Qole’s the youngest and best captain at the cold, nearly barren outpost planet where the big industry is Shadow fishing—a dangerous technique of harvesting the powerful energy known as Shadow. But the long-term buildup of Shadow passed down through families and from exposure causes Shadow poisoning, which causes some to experience greatness before the inevitable madness and death. Nev, prince and heir to the planet controlling their system, disguises himself …

Pre-order links for SHADOW RUN!

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As some of you may or may not know, pre-orders of a book are incredibly important. They not only indicate to the publisher that there’s enthusiasm for the book, which means they then put more marketing money into it (that then leads to more sales, and so on), but pre-orders count toward the first week of sales after the book is released. In other words, this is one of the best shots a book has to hit the bestseller lists, with (hopefully) months and months of pre-orders stacked into one week. But, of course, you still have to get a decent number of pre-orders for this to happen! With that in mind, Michael and I would be SO. IMMENSELY. APPRECIATIVE if you would pre-order …

Cover Reveal for SHADOW RUN

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SO the cover for SHADOW RUN, our YA sci-fi out with Delacorte/Random House March 21, 2017,  has been gone live at, and my coauthor Michael Miller and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Follow the link to read the first chapter excerpt and to enter to win a signed ARC! Or, just take a gander here:   Find it on: Amazon, Goodreads, Indiebound, Books-A-Million

Booklist Review of LIFELESS

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Hey all! Here’s the Booklist review of LIFELESS–spoiler alert, they liked it! Booklist Online Exclusive: October 6, 2015 Lifeless. Strickland, AdriAnne (Author) Aug 2015. 336 p. Flux, paperback, $9.99. (9780738742229). Life, Death, Earth, Light, Darkness are Words as well as people in Strickland’s companion to series opener Wordless (2014). In this follow-up, readers find Tavin, previously illiterate, has become the Word, or physical manifestation, of Death. He is driven to kill with his new power, and he wants more than anything to be free of the authoritarian Athanaeum. The City Council in charge, however, want to train him to be a soulless, high-profile assassin. Without Khaya, the Word of Life, to keep him hopeful, he may break. Whether or not …

Launch Day for LIFELESS!

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Woot, it’s the book birthday for LIFELESS, my sequel to WORDLESS! It’s darker and twistier, and I hope even better than the first book. I can’t wait for you all to read it! If you need more enticement, here’s the description, and the links to buy: When Tavin Barnes escaped Eden City with Khaya, the Word of Life, he became the most-wanted fugitive overnight. But he never expected his flight would end with the ultimate curse: becoming the next Word of Death. Now he’s a prisoner inside the Athenaeum, where his new life under the Godspeakers’ control has begun. As the Word of Death, Tavin can kill with a touch, an ability he must learn to harness or risk hurting …